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West Edges

Short documentary by Luca Di Meo.

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Petit Jorasses // Mont Blanc

François Cazzanelli and Marco Farina working on the opening of their new line “Fuga e Ritorno”. Photography by Luca Di Meo

About Me

luca di meo


Filmmaker and Photographer settled in Milan. In 2012 he gets the Bachelor of Arts in “Media Design”, presenting his first documentary, “West Edges” as Thesis project. While he was attending his Academy,he cooperated as camera operator and film editor with some directors and small film production companies of Milan. Now he’s attending his Master of Arts in “Film & New Media Arts” and he keeps on researching through documentary.


di Luca Di Meo

P.I. 08621240962


Via B. Melzi 170 Legnano, 20025 (MI)


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